My prototype of a mangadex client for my Kobo

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My prototype of a mangadex client for my Kobo

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I got a kobo yesterday for reading manga (good size, good reviews in general...)

turns out the workflows for putting manga on a kobo suck! It's like at minimum you're writing a shell script if you want to ever do it regularly.

Anyway, I'm like I want a nice UI for browsing and downloading manga on my manga machine! So I whipped one up

Building an app targeting the Kobo browser is a fun creative challenge. It's very primitive - react and htmx both didn't work. Also somewhat limited css support and the built in checkbox control is so ugly it's useless....

It searches and downloads from the mangadex api directly, then stitches the images into an epub by shelling out to KCC, then serves the resulting file to be downloaded directly through the browser. I'm quite pleased with the solution.

Not on github yet, I still gotta clean it up and decide how I'm packaging it

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